Meditation retreat with Michael Luetchford

We would like to invite you to a meditation retreat (sesshin), which will be held on November 25-27. 2022 in the Buddhist center on Mala Skála. The weekend retreat (retreat, sesshin) is focused on the intensive practice of Zen meditation in sitting (zazen), walking (kinhin) and simple daily activities in the traditional Japanese Zen school of Soto master Dogen.

New Year’s course 1/27/2022 – 1/1/2023

We cordially invite you to the New Year’s meditation course, led by the Lithuanian nun Ayya Piyadassī in Tuněchodský Mlýn. Ayya ​​​​Piyadassī is a Lithuanian nun practicing Dhamma since 2007. After attending a center with the teachings of the Buddha through vipassana retreats in the Goen tradition, she fully immersed herself in the practice of Dhamma in Burma, where she was ordained as a nun in 2013.

Summer meditation with Buddhist monk Wimala Thero, Samudra Theera Maha Vihara, Sri Lanka from 23/09 to 25/09/2022 at Dibbavana Center

We cordially invite you to the summer meditation, which traditionally takes place at the beginning of autumn in the form of a meditation stay in a retreat in a calm and relaxed atmosphere. The stay is suitable for both beginners and more advanced people.

Full Moon Poya Puja and meditation at the Lotus center Prague on Saturday, September 10, 2022 from 6:00 p.m.

Dear friends, we would like to invite you in to the Lotus center Prague, where a ceremonial Buddhist puja (mass) will be held in the tradition of Theravada Buddhism and meditation – led by Buddhist monk Wimala Thero, Sammudra Theera Vihara, Sri Lanka.

New Book Release: Inquisitive Mindfulness – A Guide to Insight Meditation (Vipassana) for Everyday Life – Sayadaw U Tejaniya

The manual of vipassana, or perspective meditation for everyday life, contains thirty-one meditations for every day and shows us in short chapters exactly how to build our daily meditation practice so that it steadily develops relaxation, freshness, joy, peace, wisdom and awakening. Author Sayadaw U Tejaniya Sayadaw is a Theravādin Buddhist monk of Chinese descent and the meditation teacher at the Shwe Oo Min Dhamma Sukha Forest Center in Yangon, Myanmar whose teachings have attracted a global audience.
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