With the successful election of adjan Gavésak, the formation of the three-member council of elders was completed. The Council of Elders is the highest body of Theravada Buddhism. It is necessary for its practical activity to have at least three members, which has been fulfilled since February 2019. The members of the council of elders are now Venerable Ashin Ottama (civil name Pavel Smrčka, monastic ordination in 1992 in Burma), adzán Gavésakó (civil name Jakub Bartovský, ordination in 2001 in Amaravati, England) and bhante Viníta (civil name Miroslav Foltýn, ordination in 2006 in Sri Lanka). Ashin Ottama, as the monk with the highest number of vassa (i.e. monastic years), will exercise the powers of the chairman of the Council of Elders of Theravada Buddhism until the official election of this highest representative of Theravada Buddhism in the Czech Republic.

The Council of Elders is now awaiting the approval of the statutes of new monasteries and temples (separate legal entities of Theravada Buddhism) and especially the adoption of a new basic document in which bhikkhunis (nuns) will be officially incorporated into Theravada Buddhism.

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