Long-term meditation stay in Shanta Vana

Those interested in a long-term individual meditation option now have the opportunity to devote themselves to their practice at the Shanta Vana Buddhist center in Sněhov near Malá Skála. For this purpose, we managed to complete the reconstruction of the former woodshed. The garden stands on a lonely clearing in the middle of the forest about a ten-minute walk from Shanta Vana’s main cottage and creates really good conditions for intensive practice. It has two small and two larger rooms, a hall, a kitchen, two bathrooms and two toilets. The object is fully equipped.

Currently, the long-term “enforced” stay of bhante Dhammadipa can also be used to provide guidance to meditators.

The date and length of the meditation stay should be consulted with bhanta Dhammadipa. If interested, write to office@dhammadipa.org. More information about Shanta Vana on the website en.shantavana.cz.

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