Metta for the late Pavel Lazecký

It is with great sadness and pain in our hearts that we announce that in the early hours of the morning on Friday, July 3, 2020, our dear friend Pavel Lazecký from Studénka died quietly and painlessly in the Dhamma at the age of 51. Pavel was an extremely kind, open and kind-hearted person, had a wide range of interests, devoted himself to Dhamma practice, was a supporter of (not only) Theravada Buddhism and a lover of nature. The last farewell takes place on 10/07/2020 at 17:00 in the Funeral Hall of Studénka. Our feelings were best expressed by lay teacher Visu Teoh, whose teaching style Pavel has recently become very fond of:

I remember Pavel when I first met him at a meditation retreat in Mahaphalaráma last August. I remember his smiling face, his warmth, friendliness and gratitude. I received very positive and encouraging feedback from him, which touched me. He greatly appreciated the (Buddha’s) teachings, especially the metta practice. I believe that when he discovered metta practice, he fell in love with it so much that he tried to encourage his Dhamma-friends to attend metta meditation retreats as well. I remember how he kept inviting us to visit him and stay with him in Moravia.

I remember his ever-smiling face during the (online) sutt study sessions he almost always attended. We will miss him. We will miss him during the next sutta study sessions and also next month at the upcoming meditation retreat. Dear Pavel, even though we miss you, we are happy for you because your departure was good and peaceful. We all own our kamma and we know that you have done wonderful kamma in this life and that your kamma will take good care of you. Therefore, we are sure that you are now in a good place and that you will continue on the Noble Eightfold Path until you reach the ultimate goal of Nibbana.

Although it is tragic that he died at a relatively young age, his death was most likely easy, painless and peaceful as it occurred in his sleep. How we would also like to die the same way in our sleep. It’s the best way to leave. Who knows, maybe he was even meditating when he died. We know that Pavel was a very nice, beautiful and kind person. He certainly got a good rebirth in the deva realm or the human realm. And he will surely meet good teachers and continue his Dhamma practice in his next life. We can certainly be happy for him.

We all have our lifespan. When this length comes to an end, we must die. We accept this fact of life. Buddha taught us to think about death often so that we are better prepared and ready to accept it. We are all subject to sickness, aging and death, subject to separation from our loved ones. When we meditate on the Dhamma, we are more determined and motivated than ever to pursue the ultimate goal of nibbana, the cessation of the five aggregates, rebirth, and suffering.

Visu and Barbara

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