Translation of another book on Buddhist practice

A book on Theravada Buddhism for distribution in bookstores

This year’s main novelty of the Bhavana Buddhist group is the translation of U Tejaniya’s book Relax and be Aware.

While all previous translations were intended for free distribution, this new book will be officially published by DharmaGaia and thus sold in bookstores.

The whole book is again about practice and mainly about how to practice vigilance and the right insight in everyday life, i.e. in relationships, at work, etc. The book is organized into 31 smaller chapters (one for each day of the month) arranged from basic topics to more advanced ones .

Sample translation for download

Request for support

Higher costs are associated with the official publication of the book, especially the fee for ownership rights (from Shambhala Press) and the payment of the official Czech translation.

Bhavana wants to cover part of these costs from its own resources, but they would need to cover at least expenses in the amount of about 20,000 CZK.

If even today, with hindsight, you feel the benefit of what you learned from the teachers in the Bhavana courses or from the books that Bhavana distributes, please support this new project as much as you can:

Account number:
1930411011 / 3030 (Air Bank)
(new bank account for Bhavana project from 2020)

Thank you in advance for your support!

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