Support us with a financial donation

Dear Friends of the Buddha’s Teachings,

we have prepared an opportunity to support our activity. If you are interested in our activities, we will be happy if you support our organization.

By sending one of the amounts below to our bank account, you are donating to our core business. As we are a registered religious society, this is a religious activity. As we are a Buddhist society, this is not a religious activity in the traditional sense of the word. We are fully aware that many do not consider Buddhism to be a religion. However, these views are based on the traditional European concept, which according to current legal regulations corresponds to the term church, but not religious society. In accordance with modern definitions of religion, Buddhism can therefore be described as a religion, a religion of wisdom. Accordingly, our main activity is to support activities that aim to create the material conditions for as many beings as possible to develop inner wisdom. According to the Buddhist approach, the deepest wisdom is the realization of full awakening, i.e. the understanding that leads to complete liberation from the misery and unsatisfactoriness of existence. You can participate in this activity with your donation. If you are interested in sending an accounting document – confirmation of receipt of a donation, please contact us at

At present, the main project within the main activity is the construction and operation of the Buddhist center Lesní klid (Shanta Vana). Furthermore, of course, we have to finance our normal, administrative activities (operations), website operation, etc.

Thank you very much for your support and help.

With many thanks to Theravada Buddhism

Ladislav Kral 

The recipient of the donation is the operator of the registered religious society Theravada Buddhism

If none of the amounts below suit you, you can send any amount via bank transfer to Theravada Buddhism Collection Accounts

Account number for payments in Czech crowns: 100865722/2250, IBAN: CZ20 2250 0000 0001 0086 572

Account number for payments in euros: 100865802/2250, IBAN: CZ91 2250 0000 0001 0086 5802

If you want to directly support the activities of the Temple of Forest Tranquility (Shanta Vana) on Small Rock (the spiritual administrator of the temple is Bhante Dhammadípa), you can send a donation to the temple’s account:

Account number: 229113660 / 0600, IBAN: CZ79 0600 0000 0002 2911 3660 (for payments in euros, please use the account listed above, just mention Shanta Van in the note)

In the message to the recipient, please state: “donation for activity”. Thank you!

It is also possible to contribute to the construction and operation of the Forest Tranquility Center (Shanta Vana) via a quick QR payment: