Forest Calm Buddhist Center (Shanta Vana)

Venerable Dhamadipa’s goal is to assist in the transmission of the Buddha’s message regardless of strict adherence to a particular tradition. For this purpose, Bhante founded the Dhammadipa Foundation, which primarily financially supports the construction and operation of the Forest Tranquility Buddhist Center (Shanta Vana). Bhante Dhammadípa received his basic Buddhist training in the Theravada Burmese tradition, so he continues to subscribe to Theravada Buddhism as a religious society, which he considers the most appropriate framework for the activities he wishes to promote. The Center Lesní klid, within the framework of Theravada Buddhism, is to become a center intended not only for people who subscribe to Theravada Buddhism, but also for other “non-Theravada” Buddhist groups and other spiritual directions that help the development of Buddhist practice in the spirit of Bhante Dhammadípa’s thesis “there is only one buddhism”.

Currently, the preparation of the project to rebuild the center into a modern center is underway, which would meet the current requirements corresponding to hygiene and epidemiological regulations in particular. First of all, our goal is to build sufficient facilities for joint meditation (meditation room) and meals. The project also includes the construction of a small apartment for teachers. For this purpose, the architect of the center Ing. arch. Miroslav Klofáč (designer, construction and professional manager), who will ensure the coordination of work and the completion of the entire area so that it is a functionally connected whole. We are aware that this is a time-consuming, financial and personnel-intensive project. The estimated time horizon for the completion of the main works is 5 to 10 years. Of course, we will gradually publish construction studies.

The address of the center is: Bobov 431, Malá Skála, more information at:

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