Visu Teoh

Visu Teoh has been practicing Dhamma since 1982. Born in Penang, Malaysia, he originally worked as a journalist, then was a Theravada Buddhist monk for the next 17 years. He practiced meditation under the guidance of many important teachers such as Sayadaw U Pandita, Sayadaw U Lakhana or bhante Sujiva. Visu is currently teaching meditation in Asia, Europe, and for the past 10 years in the Czech Republic, this year will be the tenth time. Visu places great emphasis on incorporating the Dhamma into everyday life, while also cultivating loving-kindness (metta), joy and happiness on our path to freedom.

Brief biography

Visu Teoh was born in Malaysia on the island of Penang in 1953. For 12 years he made a living as a journalist. He became devoted to Buddhism and Buddhist meditation in 1982 and shortly thereafter became a Theravada Buddhist monk, remaining in monastic robes for 17 years (with the monastic name of Visudhacara). In 2003, he laid down his robes and returned to secular life. As a monk, he learned Buddhist meditation under prominent Buddhist teachers such as Sayadaw U Pandita, Sayadaw U Lakkhana, Sayadaw U Jatila and bhante Sujiva.

Visu on a meditation course in Jablonná nad Orlicí in 2019

Visu is married to Barbara Grey, who comes from Germany, so together with her, he spends part of the year alternately in Penang and in Europe. Visu conducts metta and vipassana meditation courses wherever he is invited. He is the author of a number of books such as “Curbing Anger Spreading Love”, “Drinking Tea Living Life”, Applying Mindfulness in Everyday Life and Critical Times everyday life and in difficult situations”), “Loving and Dying” (“Loving and Dying”), “Hello with Love and Other Meditations” (“Hello with Love and Other Meditations”), “Metta Meditation and “Positive Attitudes” (Metta Meditation and Positive Attitudes”).

In his teachings, Visu emphasizes the importance of integrating the Dhamma into everyday life on our path to enlightenment. It teaches how to live with ease, happiness, joy and peace in the present moment while striving for the ultimate goal of attaining nibbana and ceasing greed, hatred and ignorance.

Lectures on Skype

Visu Teoh comments on important Buddhist texts (suttas) every 2 weeks via Skype. The interpretation is in English with a translation into Czech. If you are interested in participating, write to

Visu on Skype

Recordings from Visu’s meditation courses